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Best HCG Supplements for Phase 2

Most vitamins are not allowed on HCG P2 because of certain ingredients... learn more here.

While most people don't feel they need to take any supplements while on the HCG diet (as most vitamins and supplements are NOT allowed), if you feel you need a boost of energy or some help relieving constipation, we know of the best HCG supplements to help you.

Here are some HCG Supplements that are “allowed” on HCG Phase 2, but are by no means required.

Smooth Move Tea: Due to the fact that you're eating so much less on the HCG Diet, you may find yourself having fewer bowel movements during the Very Low Calorie Diet phase. This is completely normal. However, if you find yourself feeling constipated and uncomfortable, Smooth Move Tea may be the answer.

All you have to do is drink a cup of Smooth Move Tea in the evening, then the next day, you should see “movement.”  Word to the wise, DO NOT DRINK IT UNLESS YOU NEED IT as it does have a few ingredients not normally allowed during the HCG Diet. It should only be used AS NEEDED.

Vitamin B 12: People have been using Vitamin B-12 to increase their energy on the HCG diet since the diet was created. We suggest using homeopathic vitamin B12 as it has shown to cause no effect on HCG weight loss where other forms have. And always make sure to check the ingredients of the vitamin B 12. 

HCG Cell Salts: With some forms of HCG, people experience leg cramps or muscle cramps while on the VLCD phase. Cell salts help ease these HCG cramps safely, without affecting weight loss. Again, we suggest using high-quality, homeopathic cell salts for unhindered HCG weight loss and don't forget to check the ingredients. 

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